Green Leaf – Medicare FMO Develops and Releases Proprietary Mobile Application Call Recording Solution.

On May 9th, 2022, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new call recording requirement that applies to Medicare insurance agents. 

Under the new rules, all phone calls between Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare insurance agents regarding Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans MUST be recorded beginning October 1, 2022.  These recording calls must be securely retained and available to be retrieved for audit purposes for a period of 10 years.

To address the needs of its agent and agency partners, Green Leaf – Medicare FMO has developed its own call recording software application.  The Green Leaf app is FREE to Green Leaf contracted agents and is available for download from both the Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Green Leaf’s software application solution allows agents to be compliant with new CMS call recording requirements while working from their mobile phone with their current phone number.  Whether making or receiving calls, agents can attach identifiable data fields to each recording and then transmit the final record to their personal Green Leaf agent portal (The Agent Center) for long term HIPAA compliant storage and safe keeping.  

We knew a call recording solution would need to work with an agent’s phone number for both outbound and inbound calls, be easy to use, and have a simple, HIPAA compliant, long term storage solution.  Nothing we found met our standards, so we created our own custom software to work on both Android and Apple smart phones.  This new Green Leaf app will allow our agents and agencies to serve and reach more Medicare beneficiaries this annual enrollment period and beyond while remaining in compliance with the new regulations. We are proud to offer it to our agents.

Chris Mulder

President, Green Leaf – Medicare FMO

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