What Are the Benefits of an FMO?

MEDICARE FMOs: Helpful Tips When Choosing An FMO First, What is a Medicare FMO? A Field Marketing Organization (FMO) is a company that an insurance carrier has contracted with to help support agents and agencies with the distribution of their insurance products. What do Medicare FMOs do? Well, it really depends on the FMO. In this industry there are some FMOs that focus on heavy recruiting, but once an agent has been onboarded, they are forgot about. A Top FMO will offer [...]

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Why go GREEN?

OUR STORY Green Leaf FMO formed in 2008 in hopes of bringing agents & agencies together who wanted a CHANGE Big box agencies were focusing their time and attention on creating a "one-size-fits all" strategy for any agent that walked in their door, but what they were missing was the personalized attention and service that agents deserve. THAT'S WHEN WE GOT NOTICED. Carriers, agents, and agencies noticed something different about Green Leaf. We focus on being attentive, supportive, and we work with [...]

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